Your Professional Chartered Devon Accountants!

We are a Chartered Professional Accounting (CPA) Firm in Devon and have been serving the community since 2004.

Our clients range from not-for-profits, families needing tax preparation, tech startups and private business owners in the oil and gas sector.

Devon Accounting Services

At Gallo and Company, our clients have access to a full range of accounting services for your personal and business needs in Devon.

Whether you are a long-term resident or a small business owner in Devon, achieving your personal tax goals is important.  Our team of CPAs take a proactive tax planning approach to ensure you take full advantage of tax legislation.

Our tax services include:

  • Tax preparation,
  • Corporate tax compliance,
  • Trust and estate planning,
  • Owner tax planning,
  • US tax services,
  • Not-for-profit compliance, and
  • GST and other provincial tax issues.

Are you a business owner in Devon?  We want to be your business consultant and strategic partner in helping you with your financial goals and decisions.

We offer in-depth business consulting services such as:

  • Assistance with Bookkeeping,
  • Business accounting software,
  • Tax and financial statement preparation,
  • Business valuations,
  • Buying foreign property,
  • Corporate restructuring, and
  • Buying and selling businesses.

Our CPA’s have years of experience performing audits and reviews, providing insight on corporate governance, best practices and innovative tax strategies.  At Gallo and Company, we want to ensure all your business accounting needs are met.

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